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Ikea Hack // DIY Greek Key Dresser | BondGirlGlam.com

How To // DIY Greek Key Dresser

A step-by-step how-to on making your Ikea dresser go from utilitarian simplicity to Hollywood regency with easy Greek key decals.

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Style At Home // Pottery Barn vs. Amazon Duvet Cover

White hotel-style bedding from Amazon & Pottery Barn compared side-by-side.

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Style At Home // Bedroom Update

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, and it was more than time for us to upgrade after almost 4 years of sleeping in a hand-me-down that I absolutely despised. We got rid of our black metal frame bed and ordered a velvet tufted wingback bedframe with nailhead accents from Hayneedle. This romantic style was always a dream of mine! We went with a queen size so that it would fit in the apartment with our giant mirrored nightstands, but one day we’ll get a king size when we buy a house and give this one to our daughter. All we need now is a new mattress to finish everything off! There are so many places where you can buy mattresses online, so watch this space and I will let you know how we get on. For now, though, I am so pleased with how our bedroom has turned out. We have also added some small touches to complete the room. Some new lamps which compliment the bedframe, some flowers to add a natural touch (although I may replace these with fake ones once they die) and some new textured cushions for the bed. We have also considered treating…

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Style At Home // Gallery Wall Frames

Our new gallery wall with 6 IKEA frames

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Our 2013 Christmas Décor

I hope your Christmas was filled with joyous merriment and epicurean delights! I realize New Years Eve parties are now on everyone’s mind, but I thought I’d still share with you some of my Christmas décor from this year in our cozy apartment. A little peak of the tree through the mirror on our butler tray. A blurred photo to showcase the silver sprigs sticking out the tree throughout and the warm glow the lights give off in the afternoon. The dining room, ready to entertain a few close friends. We usually get a Noble Fir, but this year we went with a Nordmann Fir.  Nordmanns remind me of Nobles, but their needles are a deeper green on top and almost blue-ish underneath (you can see the “blue” best when it’s tied up).  Also, they hold their needles longer, so cleanup has been easier this year.  Ours is still so nice to the touch, weeks after we bought it at the beginning of the month!  I did water it religiously every day; I’ve been a little lazier in years past.  Oh, and Sugar Kitten is always photo-bombing. Some of the gift wrapping this year.  I went with black, white, and…

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Style At Home // Nightstand Vignettes

8 Ideas for Styling Your Nightstands

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