Style At Home // Little Luxuries

Spring is right around the corner (March 20th, to be exact), and it’s about time for a little spring cleaning. In between the dusting, the purging, and looking at to furniture ideas, it’s nice to add a few new pieces around the home. We’ve put together some “Little Luxuries” that can bring a bit more glam to where you eat, sleep, and wear your face masks. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for where to find these home decor gems. Also, follow us on Bloglovin’ to never miss a post!

By the way, we just refreshed our bedroom a bit in the last Style At Home post with a few of the items featured here.


1 Coral on Lucite Lamp // 2 Gold Flatware // 3 Leopard Pillow Cover // 4 Fashion Coffee Table Book // 5 Sunburst Mirror // 6 White Faceted Vase // 7 Gold Urchin // 8 Peony Candle // 9 Crisp Champagne Diffuser // 10 Agate Coasters // 11 White Sheets // 12 Champagne Coupe // 13 Gold Heart Bowls // 14 White Coral on Lucite



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