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To a habitual nester, rearranging things brings a breath of fresh air and new-found excitement. Even if you haven’t added anything new to your décor of late, moving furniture or just tabletop décor can be quite refreshing.

A bedroom is most often a place of rest at the end of the day, so it only makes sense that your décor reflect that calm you need to re-energize for tomorrow. One of my favorite things to rearrange every so often is what’s on top of our bedroom nightstands.


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1. Pick A Color Palette

The first step in creating a nighstand vignette that fits your aesthetic is to pick a color palette. Having a palette in mind will help you look through your existing décor throughout the rest of your home or find new pieces to add to your collection. Mine is a combination of whites, black, gold, silver, and muted neutrals. Black, white, and metallics happen to be some of my favorite colors/shades, and muted neutrals are just so calming in a bedroom.

2. Gather Décor Options Within Your Color Palette

Flowers, plants, candles, jewelry boxes, books, picture frames, trays, and lamps, of course, generally make excellent nightstand styling options. You can even look around on Pinterest for ideas or visit thelamplife and similar websites for great lamp and nightstand inspiration. Don’t be afraid to think outside the bedroom – walk through your home to see what you can borrow from other rooms. Also, if you have the option, lifting your light source off of your nightstand (such as with a chandelier or sconce) can allot for more space to play around with!

3. Arrange Items According to Height and Numbers

Adding height variation to a vignette makes it all the more interesting. If you have two nightstands on either side of the bed, make sure to balance both sides. The decor on either nighstand doesn’t have to be identical, but I’ve found that styling both sides similarly lends to greater balance in the whole room. Your actual nighstands don’t even have to be the same; chairs, desks, ottomans, or a tall stack of books can also act as a nightstand.

For a layered effect, think of vignettes within a main vignette. Stack books and boxes to create height.

If you have a more minimalist aesthetic, stick to a single vignette; a trio of bud vases with a single flower in each can be just as impactful as a large vase of many roses, for example.

As a general rule, odd numbers are most pleasant to the eye.

4. Stand Back and Review

Don’t be afraid to make adjustments. If you can’t figure out if it looks good, take a picture and review the photo; somehow this creates more distance between you and the vignette so that you can make a better judgment call. By the way, this also works exceptionally well for outfits.


As inspiration, I’ve played around in my master bedroom:


{ Option 1: }



{ Option 2: }



{ Option 3: }



{ Option 4: }



{ Option 5: }



{ Option 6: }



{ Option 7: }



{ Option 8: }




Let me know which nightstand vignette was your favorite in the comments!




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    Hi, can you tell me where you get the tray in option 6 & 7? Thank you!!