Our 2013 Christmas Décor

I hope your Christmas was filled with joyous merriment and epicurean delights!

I realize New Years Eve parties are now on everyone’s mind, but I thought I’d still share with you some of my Christmas décor from this year in our cozy apartment.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comA little peak of the tree through the mirror on our butler tray.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comA blurred photo to showcase the silver sprigs sticking out the tree throughout and the warm glow the lights give off in the afternoon.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comThe dining room, ready to entertain a few close friends.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comWe usually get a Noble Fir, but this year we went with a Nordmann Fir.  Nordmanns remind me of Nobles, but their needles are a deeper green on top and almost blue-ish underneath (you can see the “blue” best when it’s tied up).  Also, they hold their needles longer, so cleanup has been easier this year.  Ours is still so nice to the touch, weeks after we bought it at the beginning of the month!  I did water it religiously every day; I’ve been a little lazier in years past.  Oh, and Sugar Kitten is always photo-bombing.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comSome of the gift wrapping this year.  I went with black, white, and metallics (predictable, I know).  Most of the wrapping paper came from Target, with a few rolls left over from HomeGoods from last year.  Ribbon is from Michaels and Jo-Anns, with a bit left over from our 2010 wedding.  I also used washi tape and gem embellishments to add a little pizzazz.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comAnother view of the dining table.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comA close-up of the dining table.  I love my “snow” in the glass hurricanes!  The centerpiece holds a few large gold ornaments and scented pine cones along with the usual ceramic fruit.  I placed little sprigs of our tree in the napkin holders for a natural touch.  I’ve had the mini gold frames forever and was finally able to put them to use as placeholders this year.  It’s not the most fabulous spread, but I did not host a large Christmas party this year, so simple was good.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comHere she is begging for tummy rubs.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comAnd more photo-bombing, as usual.  I totally love it, though!

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comOur stockings hung above the mantle – the middle one is for Sugar Kitten, of course.  I also put my cone-shaped glitter trees on the coffee table; they give off a bit of light from the tree lights at night.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comI always need a bit of fresh flowers around the house.  Neutral colors are my favorite, even during Christmas time.  Hey, they’re green-ish, so that works, right? 🙂

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comThe back-side of the tree deserves a bit of attention, right?

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comA step back from the fireplace.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comLook how fresh the branches still look after weeks!  I’m such a homebody – I get excited about little things in life like this.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.comWhat you would see if you were my guest!  Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed our little Christmas décor tour as much as I did.

2013 Christmas Décor on BondGirlGlam.com



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