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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips | BondGirlGlam.com

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One of my favorite things about our current home is the complete absence of carpet! It’s something that I dreamt of for years in our last few apartments. Now, it’s not to say that I don’t like carpets. I do. But I just found them hard to keep clean and free from hair and dust. If only I knew about vacuuming floors automatically through these robot vacuums before, I may have rethought my desire to change them. Maybe it’s one to consider for the future, but I’m looking forward to living in a space that is carpet free. Because of this, I use washable rugs to warm up our space.

Naturally, I’ve become obsessed with hardwood floor cleaners and mops, and this Bona cleaner is the best I’ve tried yet! It doesn’t leave behind streaks, and the mop itself glides beautifully across my wood floors. I’ve tried a handful of other mops before, and this one somehow pushes better. Even the microfiber cloth it comes with picks up almost everything throughout my whole house in one go!

Microfiber cleaning pads use static electricity to trap dirt, particles, and other household allergens. Something I’ve learned over the years is to never use fabric softeners on them and to air dry them so they stay effective. I also prefer to wash my microfiber cloths and pads separately from the rest of our clothes and have a special hamper for them in my garage.

In addition to using hardwood floor cleaners, I am aware that a certain level of maintenance and refinishing needs to be done occasionally. That includes sanding and polishing, amongst other things to keep your floors looking brand new. For those eager to do their own floor refinishing, here is a beginners guide to floor sanding that you may find helpful.

To keep my wood floors clean, I use my Dyson cordless vacuum almost every day and my Bona spray mop every few days. For spot cleaning, I use a microfiber cloth to scrub away sticky messes. This general cleaning schedule helps me manage the crazy messes a family of 4 can make on the daily.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips | BondGirlGlam.com

For nearly 100 years, Bona has provided home owners with tried and true premium products and systems developed to maintain the natural beauty of hardwood floors. Their unique and effective formula gives your floors a complete clean by gently and effectively removing dust, dirt and grime.

Bona water-based cleaning solution is GREENGUARD GOLD certified, so it’s safe for use in your home and around your family on all unwaxed, polyurethane finished wood floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips | BondGirlGlam.com

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips | BondGirlGlam.com

To recap, my floor cleaning schedule goes a little like this:


Vacuum every day or every other day

Wipe away messes with a microfiber cloth


Mop 1-2 times a week with my Bona spray mop


Deep clean all floors and baseboards


Polish wood floors

Giving your floors a good dusting with a microfiber mop or cloth is your best daily defense against scratches and surface damage.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips | BondGirlGlam.com

Here are some of my favorite tip takeaways from Bona’s website:

  1. When you’re using a mop, remember that water and wood don’t mix! Avoid putting excess liquid on your floor. Lightly misting your floor with a hardwood floor cleaner will be enough to give it a great clean.
  2. A gentle touch is one of the best ways to clean hardwood flooring.
  3. If your vacuum has a beater bar, make sure it doesn’t hit the bar floor.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips | BondGirlGlam.com

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