My Top 4 Supportive Nursing Bras and Why

Between 2 babies, I’ve been breastfeeding for around 3 years now and am still going strong, so I feel like I’ve had a chance to try my fair share of nursing bras and form some opinions. I wanted to share my top 4 favorite nursing bras that I reach for in the morning when I get dressed every day. These are the most comfortable and functional yet beautiful bras in my closet for daytime. That’s kind of my theme here on Bond Girl Glam – feeling comfortable yet looking put-together as a mom.

Since I have a bigger bust, I prefer underwire bras (as opposed to wireless); they give me a beautiful shape which in turn boosts my confidence all day long. If I put on a bra that makes my boobs look blah, I feel blah all day long too. And that usually has to do with how much support and shape my bra gives me.

I know a lot of people don’t recommend wired bras for breastfeeding moms due to mastitis, but knock on wood I’ve never had any complications. Nothing compares to a proper wire frame, in my opinion. I think the key is getting the correct band and cup size so your bra isn’t pressing too tightly on anything.

I do wear wireless bras, but those are usually reserved for sleeping in. But since I actually prefer sleeping without a bra, my wireless bras honestly don’t get much use. I wouldn’t leave the house in a wireless bra either, so I really get a lot of use out of my underwire nursing bras – that’s why I recommend them.

Here are my 4 favorite nursing bras and why they make the list…

Le Mystére Sexy Mama Underwire Nursing Bra

Pretty lace adds romance to a full-coverage nursing bra fashioned with clips that are easily unfastened with one hand.

PROS: The Sexy Mama is my OG nursing bra, probably my most-worn. The lace is so beautiful in both the black and the nude colors, the coverage is great (no falling out or spillage), and the clips are easy to undo and put back one-handed. This bra makes me happy all around and feels like it was somehow designed just for me. It was a lifesaver with my first breastfeeding experience and a go-to with my second.

CONS: The cups go up close to the armpits and sometimes show in lower-cut arm holes. Good thing it’s a pretty bra, but I do prefer my bras to be totally hidden under clothes. The lace up top by the snaps can rip a little over time from all the snapping and unsnapping (I’m talking years, though).

Natori Hidden Glamour Underwire Nursing Bra

Trimmed in romantic lace that disappears beneath clothing, the smooth T-shirt cups have quick-release clasps that make nursing simple and easy, while comfortable mesh lining allows for an expandable, customized fit.

PROS: The Natori is an excellent everyday bra with a bit of pretty lace that doesn’t show up under clothing. I love how truly lightweight and thin it is. I choose this bra when I want my chest to look smaller in whatever I’m wearing that day, which you totally understand if you have a big boobs too. This one is the most like a regular bra, just with snaps added. And speaking of regular bras, did you know that Nordstrom can convert any bra into a nursing bra in the alterations department?!

CONS: The straps where the snaps are located twist and make it hard to snap back on one-handed. It’s not too bad, though. I’m just complaining about even the tiniest things for your benefit, even though I truly love all these bras!

Thirdlove 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra

Designed for style, comfort and fit in soft cotton modal fabric with easy-open cups for pumping.

PROS: The Thirdlove is super unique in that the clasps are in the front instead of the back like most bras. They did this in mind for pumping mothers. The fabric is also super unique – it’s kind of like a t-shirt material. The shape this nursing bra gives me is amazing! They have their signature 1/2 cup sizes with the nursing bras to, yet another unique thing about Thirdlove.

CONS: The sizes don’t go up very high for bustier mamas, and the band isn’t adjustable since there’s only one row of hooks in the front.

Le Mystére Mama Mia Underwire Nursing Bra

Alluring mesh and a plunging silhouette add allure to a functional nursing bra designed with drop-down cups that can be easily unclipped with one hand.

PROS: The Mama Mia is an elevated t-shirt bra. It has the mesh fabric in the front with cups/pads lining the inside. Without any lace, it’s a rather beautiful, simple design that makes me look and feel very “Bond Girl.” I feel that way about most of my Le Mystére bras. The clasps are super easy to undo and put back, just like my other LM nursing bra.

CONS: It does get a little uncomfortable for me at the end of the day around the band, so I prefer the Sexy Mama over the Mama Mia if that one’s clean.


  • Measure for a nursing bra no sooner than 3 weeks before your due date. I noticed I usually go up a band size and 1-2 cup sizes depending on the brand, just to give you an idea.
  • The Le Mystére bras are what I started wearing with my first baby, and the Natori and the Thirdlove are newer additions with my second baby.
  • For sizing when ordering online… the Le Mystére Sexy Mama nursing bra seemed to accommodate a growing bust with a little extra room, which I especially liked in the very beginning when my breasts were the biggest they’d be. The Le Mystere Mama Mia and Natori were more of a true fit on me and were better for later on when my size kind of leveled out. The Thirdlove was the tightest on me; I actually wish they made bigger sizes or accommodated for fluctuating sizes due to milk supply, so keep that in mind when ordering online and maybe size up.
  • I like to machine wash my bras after a few wears in their own mesh wash bags with all the snaps and hooks closed. I turn my machine on cold and then air dry them. I feel like that way they last as long as possible without me having to hand wash them, but do hand wash them if you can to make your lingerie last even longer. It’s a sad day when the underwire starts to poke through the fabric, and you just have to throw out the bra.
  • My favorite laundry products for my own things are by The Laundress. They have a special delicates wash, and they make the wash bags as well.
  • Nordstrom can convert your regular bras to nursing bras in the alterations department, I believe. If you have a Nordstrom debit or credit card, you likely have credit for alterations, so use that to your advantage!

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My Favorite Supportive Nursing Bras |

My Favorite Supportive Nursing Bras |

My Favorite Supportive Nursing Bras |

My Favorite Supportive Nursing Bras |

My Favorite Supportive Nursing Bras |

My Favorite Supportive Nursing Bras |

My Favorite Supportive Nursing Bras |



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