Wedding Guest Bra Solutions

For the past few months, I’ve been working with Le Mystère on a series of 4 videos. Throughout November, we will both be releasing the videos on our blogs!

This is the third video in the series.  See the first video about bra fittings here and the second video about convertible/multi-way bra benefits here.

I’ve been wearing Le Mystère bras ever since the end of pregnancy and the start of breastfeeding in late 2014, when I first discovered their nursing bras. Since then, my bra wardrobe has been converted to about 90% Le Mystere. They have solutions for everything you could think of, their quality is amazing, the designs are really beautiful, and I’ve found them to be very comfortable (as long as the sizing is correct).

Keep checking back for the rest of the series here and/or on my YouTube!

Check out my blog posts about Le Mystère from the last few years: How to Look Stylish While Nursing, The Best Strapless Bra That Doesn’t Slip, and Bra Solutions for Tricky Tops & Dresses.


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Wedding Guest Bra Solutions |

Wedding Guest Bra Solutions |




This video is sponsored by Le Mystere.  Thank you for supporting the brands I love that make this blog an absolute pleasure to write.


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