How To Look Stylish While Nursing

I love breastfeeding and the sweet bond Vienna and I share because of it, but it sure can be challenging figuring out what to wear in the morning so that I can comfortably and efficiently do it throughout the day. Although caring about nursing fashion may seem trivial and superficial to some, I’m assuming the women who read this blog care about taking care of themselves so they can be good, happy mamas to their babies. I thought I’d share what I’ve found to be helpful getting dressed for the day in the last 7 months as a new mama, including at least 18 different styles that are nursing-friendly.

Like most new moms, I wanted to breastfeed my baby girl for all of the amazing health benefits it would bring both of us. I was very strong-willed about it, even though I couldn’t see her or hold her for a little over 24 hours after birth (read my birth story here). If I couldn’t give birth the way I envisioned, I could get over that, but not being able to nurse would have personally devastated me. Thankfully, the nurses had me pumping the whole time she was in the NICU, even though in the beginning I could only send them a few drops of colostrum on a cotton swab. After every pump, though, more and more milk started accumulating, and I couldn’t believe my body was now still continuing to feed my baby — now through my breasts instead of through the umbilical cord.

Getting the hang of breastfeeding was challenging, but I’m glad I stuck to it. The first month or so I would literally brace myself and often times cry before I tried to get her to latch. But here I am now, almost 7 months later of exclusive breastfeeding under my belt, to share with you some of my tips on how to dress to nurse without giving up on your personal style. Whether you’re still pregnant and wish to nurse or have been nursing for some time already, I hope I can share something insightful on what’s helped make things a little easier throughout the learning process.


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How To Dress Cute While Nursing |

How To Dress Cute While Nursing |

How To Dress Cute While Nursing |

How To Dress Cute While Nursing |

How To Dress Cute While Nursing |

How To Dress Cute While Nursing |

Vienna’s Outfit

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How To Dress Cute While Nursing |


What You Need:


  1. Confidence
  2. Comfortable nursing bras
  3. Easily-accessible clothing


Confidence is self-explanatory. If you’re feeling like you need a little help, talk to a nurse, lactation consultant, or just a girlfriend who’s done it before. Or watch a ton of YouTube videos, like me. As time goes on, your confidence will grow, just as with any learned skill. Also, if you’re feeling nervous about nursing in public, don’t be! Everyone knows babies need to eat, and you’re protected to nurse anywhere — public or private — in the state of California.

I went through a few different kinds of nursing bras, but I found my absolute favorites to be the Sexy Mama and the Mama Mia styles from Le Mystère. They are available at Destination Maternity/A Pea In The Pod, Nordstrom (where I first heard of them), Amazon, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Zappos, Macy’s, and many other retailers. I have the black and the beige, and I literally wear them every single day exclusively. The lace detailing really makes the Sexy Mama the most beautiful nursing bra I’ve ever seen, so I never feel frumpy wearing them, and knowing that I have pretty underthings on gives me a little extra pep in my step. I find them to be incredibly comfortable while giving a nice shape to a larger nursing bust. There isn’t too much padding, which I definitely don’t need with a DDD cup size at the moment. The clips don’t unclip throughout the day, and one-handed clipping is definitely possible. I can’t believe I didn’t get at least one of these Le Mystère bras from the very beginning.


How To Look Stylish While Nursing PLUS Best Nursing Bras (& Giveaway) |


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Easily-accessible nursing clothing is a little harder to get the hang of, in my opinion. When I got pregnant, I had to relearn how to dress a growing belly (and hips and breasts and basically everything else). Then, after I had my baby and was no longer pregnant, I had to yet again relearn how to dress for a now-deflated belly and cantaloupe-sized breasts that needed to be out and about every 30 minutes to an hour. After I had my baby, I hated how my belly looked. I actually thought about visiting New Jersey’s top rate fat freezing med spa to get it sorted out, but I managed to lose the weight myself. I can certainly see why people choose to have surgery/cosmetic procedures. It was so hard to lose all of the excess fat from my belly! I also remember googling how to dress while breastfeeding many times, only to be kind of disappointed in my search results; lots of hands-on experience was what helped me out eventually.

I started out with actual nursing tops, which were incredibly, incredibly helpful as a no-fuss option when I didn’t have time to think about what to wear. Later on, though, as my confidence grew, I figured out ways to keep wearing things in my existing wardrobe so that I could start feeling a little more like the old me (well, I’ll never be the old me since becoming a mother, but I like to think of myself as a better version of my non-mothering self, haha). Plus, I only had a handful of nursing tops, and laundry was barely ever getting done in those first weeks, so those special tops weren’t always clean and available.

I began looking at my wardrobe through “breastfeeding lenses,” analyzing what would work for my new responsibility. There are a few ways you can breastfeed: you can basically either unbutton, pull down, or lift up. Here are some examples of nursing-friendly styles (to varying degrees) you may already have in your closet:


  1. Button-down shirts
  2. Button-down shirt dresses
  3. Button-down jumpsuits/rompers
  4. Wrap shirts
  5. Wrap dresses
  6. Wrap jumpsuits/rompers
  7. Stretchy, somewhat low-cut tops that keep their shape after being pulled down
  8. Stretchy, somewhat low-cut dresses that keep their shape after being pulled down
  9. Non-stretchy shirts/sweaters that can be lifted (with cami underneath)
  10. Strapless tops (make sure your strapless bra is fabulous)
  11. Strapless dresses
  12. Strapless jumpsuits/rompers
  13. Zip-down shirts
  14. Zip-down dresses
  15. Zip-down jumpsuits/rompers
  16. Crop tops with high-waisted bottoms (ok, this is for later on when you’re feeling like you’ve got your mojo back)
  17. Actual nursing shirts
  18. Actual nursing dresses



Another thing I did was continue to wear my maternity jeans with panels for a few months after giving birth, because the panels provided some support to the soft post-baby belly as well as hid the belly if I had to lift my top. Alternatively, if I was wearing bottoms that didn’t cover my belly, I would wear a camisole underneath my top for those two reasons.

I went ahead and found some currently-available nursing and non-nursing fashion options that I personally really like for my visual readers. Hope this helps!






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  1. 7.16.15
    andiperullo said:

    Dresses are your best friend!

  2. 7.16.15
    Julie Pronenko said:

    I bought some long camis (Costco ones are awesome!) and wear them under my shirts. Pull up my top layer and pull down the cami. Easy! I also like to wear lots of loose flowy tops that also make it easy to lift up and nurse. Great job on EBF so far!

  3. 7.16.15
    Lauren Hough said:

    Thanks for the tips! I breastfed my first daughter for a year & have to say, a good tank under any top is key. One that doesn’t ride up while you nurse and is easy to pull down at the neckline are things to consider. I look forward to using your tips to nurse stylishly for my 2nd daughter!

  4. 7.16.15
    Carly said:

    I love button down tops for nursing

  5. 7.16.15
    Lana Latyshev said:

    Love this post! I had the ugliest and most uncomfortable nursing bras. Basically from target love this post! Hope to score some awesome bras for next time

  6. 7.16.15
    Monica said:

    Love your style and your baby! I’m expecting and baby is coming in September G-D willing! I would LOVE to win those beautiful nursing bras since I have such a strong willpower as you to nurse my baby ♡ love Monica

  7. 7.16.15
    Jetlira said:

    I bought tons of flowy button down tops but I really could of benefited from a great nursing bra! I also just tried my best to be confident in my new body and looked for cute items that made me feel good. 🙂

  8. 7.16.15

    Camis and button down shirts are the best!

  9. 7.16.15
    Jaclyn said:

    Thanks for covering nursing fashion! My little girl is 6 weeks old and I’m exclusively breastfeeding. I’m tired of wearing workout gear and oversized tops. I’m ready to step it up! I think starting with these pretty nursing bras will help with transitioning to prettier clothes you posted that are still easy to nurse in. Xo

  10. 7.16.15
    Jenn Lott said:

    confidence! my go to is a tank with cardigan for easy nursing! my sports bras aren’t cutting it I definitely need to try a nursing bra!

  11. 7.16.15
    Anne Ayuno said:

    I love everything about this post. Thanks for the tips… I don’t like the Lemystere nursing bras but I love them. I hope I’d win!

    • 7.17.15
      Anne Ayuno said:

      Oh and I go for stretchy tops and strapless pretty blouses for nursing my 8 month old Zeia…

  12. 7.16.15
    lena said:

    your post was beautiful. im all about breastfeeding so for me comfort is the key to dressing. stylish and comfortable.

  13. 7.16.15
    Angelina O said:

    I think you can leave your style and still be you while nursing. Lately moms have been seen feeding their babies in public without any covers and I think that’s awesome. I hope to someday have enough confidence to do that as well because there’s nothing sexual in providing food for your child. One tip I think that’s best for breastfeeding especially in a pretty public place is to wear button up so u can unbutton a few and just feed your baby without having to lift shirts or dresses.

  14. 7.16.15
    Meghan said:

    Button down shirts have been my go to top for nursing! My little guy was born on December 12th so it’s been fun to follow you as our babes go through the same milestones etc! Still exclusively nursing too. love it!

  15. 7.16.15
    Guinevere said:

    And washable fabrics!

  16. 7.16.15
    Lindsy Steinberg said:

    Have no advice because I am currently expecting my first, but love all of your suggestions!

  17. 7.16.15
    Sarah Ann Dela Cruz said:

    I do boyfriend jeans, and layer tops…that way one top is covering my stomach while I nurse my 27 month old

  18. 7.16.15
    Irina said:

    Anything you can easily slip up or down for nursing!

  19. 7.16.15
    Kim Flesch said:

    Great post! I still rock the leggings with the panels to help covert my tummy when I lift up my shirt to nurse 🙂

  20. 7.16.15
    Bianca Norman said:

    Nursing tanks help too! 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. 7.16.15
    Jessica T said:

    My advice is embrace your new shape! And even if your clothes are covered in spit up, at least you have something beautiful to put on underneath it all. Love your blog, Irina. Our babes are only a few weeks apart, and I followed your maternity fashions on Insta 🙂

  22. 7.16.15
    Krystin f said:

    I love your blog! Sone of the best tips!
    Mine would definitely be to embrace the nursing tops or wrap style clothing.

  23. 7.16.15
    Liz said:

    Just had my little baby boy this week. Really hope to win the giveaway. It’s important to have a functional wardrobe but also one that makes u look good

  24. 7.16.15
    valerie sobus said:

    i’ve only been breastfeeding for 6 months so i’m by no means an expert, but a couple bits of advice i would give are: 1) try it on. you may think you can’t nurse in it but you may be surprised! there were many-a-cute clothing item i denied myself for weeks because i thought it wouldn’t work and when i tried it out of curiosity it DID! and 2) stretchy fabric. and layers. 🙂

  25. 7.16.15
    diana fomichenko said:

    loose tunics or flowy tops help keep cool while snuggling a hot little baby and make it easier to lift up to nurse

  26. 7.17.15
    Melanie said:

    My goodness… these are SO the prettiest nursing bras I’ve ever seen! Rad tips! My best tip is also strapless & cute n comfy nursing tanks!

  27. 7.17.15
    Karina said:

    Bf my son for over a year now and stretchy shirts/button down tops are the best.

  28. 7.20.15
    Mary Happymommy said:

    Shirts that button work best for nursing, I think. I’m due in 8 weeks so I could really use these bras!

  29. 7.20.15
    Willfully Elegant said:

    This giveaway and post could not have been at a more opportune time for me! I am an ardent fan of your style and your baby girl, who happens to be drop dead gorgeous just like you! I have been living by dresses and maternity tank tops at home and work..and will most certainly continue to wear my maternity pants/jeans after the baby is born as well. Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

  30. 7.20.15
    Elisabeth said:

    I’m actually pregnant with our first so I don’t have any tips of my own yet but I really appreciate all of yours!!

  31. 7.22.15
    mita said:

    I like Camis and button down shirts.

  32. 7.22.15
    Dandi D said:

    I would get some nice comfortable nursing tank tops.

  33. 7.22.15
    Jenna Bottino said:

    As a mommy-to-be I’m super excited to see beautiful nursing bras are available! Thanks Irina!

  34. 10.23.16
    Kristen said:

    Thank you for sharing! I never invested in a really nice/pretty nursing bra the first time around, and now that I’m gearing up for baby #2, I’m looking to get something I will love and lasts! This post is super helpful, I will definitely have to look into the brands you mentioned! Thank you!!

    • 10.24.16

      Hi Kristen,

      It’s so important to take care of yourself, even if no one else sees. Those bras made my life just a bit easier when I was nursing what seemed like every half-hour to an hour! Somehow they fit me like they were made for me. Comfort is so worth investing in.

      Be sure to size up – my breasts grew to the size of cantaloupes (3x the head of my newborn) after giving birth. It was crazy.

      Can’t wait to wear them again next year. 🙂

      xo, Irina

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