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Hello there!

I’m Irina Bond, a Ukrainian-born blogger living in Orange County, California, with my very own ‘Mr. Bond’ and our baby girl Vienna. I started BondGirlGlam.com in 2013 as an online community about personal style, beauty, home décor – everything lifestyle for modern-day ‘Bond Girls.’

Why the name Bond Girl Glam? It was surprisingly hard to come up with a blog name that was catchy and memorable, but I felt like Bond Girl Glam was appropriate with my last name and love for all things glamorous. It just worked, and I ran with it.

A ‘Bond Girl’ knows what she wants and how to get it. She’s elegant while still being edgy, classic yet contemporary, feminine with a touch of masculinity – all in one package. There’s an effortless allure about her that we all want to adopt into our lives. We know her character from the movies, but what we really want is real-life applications of her undeniable magnetism – myself included.

By no means am I claiming to be a Bond Girl, or that I’m perfect, or that anyone out there must be perfect, but I do love to share things that bring me joy and make me feel a little more glam as a mama. I talk about everything from preparing for pregnancy, how to keep your marriage happy, finances, and have even suggested a good avatrade review for those moms that are looking to work from home and start investing! Basically, there’s something for every type of mama out there!

I hope you stay a while! You can click on the categories above for tons of content as well as subscribe for email notifications whenever new posts come out. Also, you can follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (irinabond) for my everyday shenanigans!

xoxo, Irina



Who takes your outfit photos?

Sometimes Mr. Bond, sometimes Shawna of Bleudog Fotography, sometimes my little brother or sister, and sometimes a remote control+tripod

What camera do you use?

Canon 5D Mark iii

What lens do you use?

A combination of the 50mm f/1.2 L and the 70-200mm f/2.8L

How old are you?


Did you go to college?

Yes, I have a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences and a minor in Business Management from UC Irvine 🙂

Where did you and Mr. Bond meet?

A small Russian church in our area

When did you get married?

May 2010

Do you wear hair extensions?

Nope, I got it from my mama. 🙂

What is your go-to matte red lipstick you always wear?

Stila Stay-All-Day in Beso. I always get compliments on it in person, and I never use a lip liner with it!

What is your go-to hair tool?

T3 Tapered Wand. I have a post on my love for T3 here too.