New Baby Products & Gear For 2018

New Baby Products For 2018 From ABC Kids Expo |

Last week I flew out to Las Vegas with just Sebastian, my 5-month old, to see the latest and greatest in baby gear coming to us moms (and dads) in 2018. See my tips for flying with a baby here.

Sebastian is very much still breastfeeding and attached to me at the boob but a pretty chill travel companion at that, so I wasn’t too worried about bringing him; the amount of attention he and his hair got could have warranted its own booth at the show, haha. Overall, we had an awesome time. We stayed with my friend Carmen at the Palms, I used Uber for the first time in my life, Itzy Ritzy hosted a hair braiding party, and Medela sponsored a room for breastfeeding. But boy am I happy to be home and finally working on this exciting post!

ABC Kids is pretty much the biggest baby expo yearly, and I’m excited I get to share some of the coolest and prettiest and most innovative new baby gear for next year. This baby & kids convention took up a good portion of the Las Vegas Convention Center – I’m talking two levels and what felt like multiple football fields in length on each level. Considering there were so many trade show displays of various businesses advertising their products and services, we couldn’t have expected anything less. That’s the best thing about expos, getting to see what’s on offer.

It’s mostly business to business, as in stores like Amazon and Walmart and smaller baby boutiques placing orders from brands, but I did get to see some other influencers there too and handed out every single one of my business cards. I made sure I was as polite as I could be whilst doing this, just in case any of them do check out our website, purchase something, and leave a review. It’s so crucial that businesses have good reviews, this encourages other people to look at your products. That’s why reputation management is so important. To learn more about it, visit

My sis-in-law was in Las Vegas at the same time for the company she works for (not for the baby expo), but because the Convention Center is so big, we couldn’t find each other. Boohoo. That gives you an idea of how large the ABC Show was!

Anyway, I enjoyed meeting some of the people I email with on a regular basis and seeing the new releases from some of my favorite brands. I’ll admit, I was ALL ABOUT THE DOUBLE STROLLERS since I’m a mom of 2 under 3 now. Seriously impressed with what my favorite brands are releasing next year to fill the void that is beautiful yet functional double strollers. I was also really into all the beautiful nursery furniture and decor. I seriously cannot wait to move next year and have a nursery space to decorate.

I took photos of products that I felt an affinity for, either having purchased their stuff before or having worked with them in the past or wanting to work with them in the future. There were just too many booths to cover each one. Hope you enjoy the photos! If you click on the photo, it should expand to a fullscreen view, and you can go through all of them at once.

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  • October 31, 2017


    Am I seeing a Nuna Stroller for 2 kiddos?!

    • October 31, 2017

      Irina Bond

      Yes!! It’s called the Nuna Demi Grow and will be available early next year. Pushes nicely. xo

  • […] I got a chance to meet one of their brand reps and see the full line at ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas last year and was sent their whole product range in the White Tableware Collection.  Scoop it up […]