My Favorite Hair Tools from T3

As a hair-obsessed beauty junkie, I own an ungodly amount of hair tools. Time and time again I noticed that I reached for a specific brand when I needed a guaranteed good hair day, especially for outfit shoot days. That brand is T3. This is perhaps because I have experienced my fair share of bad hair tool usage and hair colour problems – so nowadays I like to know where I stand with whatever I’m going to use on my locks.

This is not a sponsored post (although I wish it were) – I just wanted to share my love for their hair tools! Girlfriends ask me what my favorite hair tools are in person, and I always recommend T3. I’ve also shared all of these on Snapchat before, so be sure to follow along: irinabond.

Let’s talk about design first since that’s something that’s important to me in every thing I bring home. If I were to design a hair tool line, the white and rose gold T3 products would totally be my inspiration. They just lay so beautifully on a counter top! This might seem silly, but I feel like the T3 stuff matches my house, and that makes me happy.

Beauty isn’t much without brains, though, and these tools have that too. Everything I have from them seems to power up fast and do its job efficiently as well as produce a long-lasting result. And everything is super high-tech.


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T3 Whirl Tapered Barrel Curling Wand

My number one most-used tool is definitely the 1/4″-3/4″ tapered barrel wand from the T3 Whirl line. It heats up fast and gives me smooth, pretty and modern curls that last for a few days. I use that 99% of the time for my outfit shoots.

The barrel is also interchangeable for other wand tips so you can create different styles with one base tool! I only have the tapered wand, though, which tends to be my favorite curl anyway.

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T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron

The next T3 tool I got was the Twirl 360. This is a motion-sensing, auto-rotating 1.25″ curling iron! This iron packs a lot of tech into a beauty item! It senses the movement of your hand and rotates in the desired direction for uniform, shiny, long-lasting curls and waves. How amazing is that?

The curls from this iron are a little bigger and bouncier than the ones from my tapered barrel, so it’s great for a second day, lived-in look.


T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

I threw away my old hair dryer earlier this year when we were preparing to move; it just made me mad at how useless it was with my long hair. I got the T3 travel blow dryer as its replacement, and I can’t believe I went so long dryer-less. I air dry my hair most of the time anyway, but that takes planning by washing my hair the night before the day I want fresh hair, so it’s nice to be able to dry my hair right before I have to leave. Plus, this dryer gets the job done way faster than my old hair dryer that took forever and never could fully dry all of my hair.

BGG TIP: Use this Kenra spray to protect your hair, cut down on dry time, and leave your hair smelling like a piña colada.

The Featherweight Compact not only folds so you can travel with it easily, but it also fits in my tiny apartment bathroom cabinet! Always a plus.


T3 SinglePass Compact Flat Iron

I usually curl my hair if I use a hot tool, but sometimes I feel like a change. The other day I decided to go with straight hair, and Mr. Bond complimented me on it. It had been a long time since I straightened my hair, but I’m more excited to do it now that I have the SinglePass.

What’s great about the travel version of this flat iron is that it’s compact, and it comes with a heat-resistant cap!

My birthday’s coming up, Mr. Bond… maybe it’d be nice to take a little trip? I mean, I have all these travel hair tools. 😉 Hint hint.

You can also curl your hair with a straightener, by the way!


These are the four items I have from T3, and I highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a new hair tool. They’re pricey but worth the investment for your hair and sanity.






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    And they are so cute! Thanks for sharing

    Emma | With A City Dream

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      Thanks for always reading, Emma! xo

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    LOVEEEEE THE T3. So fast and easy and i love the white and rose gold :

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      It really is! Guaranteed good hair day. xo

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