9-Month Baby Update & Favorites

9-Month Baby Update & Favorites | BondGirlGlam.com

And just like that, our little girl is 9 months old already (on September 10th)! See her 3-month update and 6-month update, if you’re curious as to the changes. Looking back and seeing what preoccupied our days is eye-opening. Things change so fast, and I feel like I’ll never stop learning and adapting as a mom.

Her first birthday is now on my mind, which is just wild!

Vienna is now a very active crawler and walks around all of the furniture and around the playground with one hand. She stands up by herself and stays standing for some time now. She loves her push toy, but hasn’t quite figured out how to turn it when she hits an obstacle, so I have to redirect her often to keep her going. The mirrored closet sliding doors in our bedroom provide lots of entertainment (and lots of sweet little fingerprints, haha).

I started walking at 10 months old, so maybe she’ll be an early walker too.

We’ve babyproofed by removing all small items in her reach throughout the house and by closing up all the electrical outlets with these. Next on my list is securing cabinets, since she’s opening drawers and cabinets more and more each day. We live in rental, so any recommendations on which locking system that doesn’t look too ugly and won’t harm the cabinets are much appreciated.

She has 4 teeth that are fully visible, and at least one that is peeking out. They have been checked by our Dentist in Hampton and are all healthy and growing as normal! These teeth make her look so cute, but they are making nursing pretty tricky (especially when she whips her head to the other side mid-feed — gahhh). I’ve noticed we’re slowly nursing less often (compared to what I thought the rest of my life would be like when I had her attached to me every 30 minutes at the very beginning, lol). In exchange for less nursing time, we’re adding on a lot more high-chair time. Basically we aim for at least 5 nursing feedings and 3 table food feedings a day.

I’m still making homemade food with our baby food maker, but I’ve also become more comfortable giving her small finger foods, such as puffs, . I know it’s late, but I’ve started giving her cereal about once a day; I don’t know why I listened to whoever told me not to give it to her, because she loves it. I take premade pouches (our favorites are from Trader Joe’s, & ) with us when we leave the house as well as puffs, teething wafers (a little messy when they get wet, but she loves them), and creamies. These reusable snack bags have been a godsend, and I always have at least one in my purse; I see moms about town carrying the entire huge and bulky container of puffs with them, and I just wish they knew about the pouches so they could save so much space.

We’ve stopped using baby bath tubs, since they’re not really necessary anymore. I usually wash Vienna in the kitchen sink, and just recently I was able to take my first bath in 9 months by taking her in with me. It’s a little tricky but doable. I’m not comfortable having her in the big bath all by herself just yet, plus we have a shower/bath combo with glass doors, so it’s not very comfortable for me to be on my knees outside of it.

Driving in the car is a little more bearable these days, and Vienna falls asleep sometimes in the carseat. She still cries when I first put her in and seatbelt her, but she usually stops crying shortly after. Most of her toys aren’t very interesting to her anymore (unless I hide them intentionally or unintentionally and reintroduce them like a month later), so I have to be extra-creative with non-toy toys.

Overall, Vienna is a very inquisitive, energetic, and happy baby. She loves going places and seeing new things. She is such a blessing for our family, and I have no idea what we did to deserve her.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve kind of tried to keep my blog from becoming a total “mommy blog,” because believe it or not I have other interests too (haha) and don’t want to be pigeon-holed. I think I’ve missed out on sharing some useful mommy tips and tricks because of that, though, so I’d like to share more mommy-related stuff. After all, it’s what my entire day revolves around, so what better subjects to cover on a personal blog? I mean, I’m not being invited to tons of shows at New York Fashion Week, so I’ve taken the cue, haha. Let me know what you think.


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9-Month Baby Update & Favorites | BondGirlGlam.com

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9-Month Baby Update & Favorites | BondGirlGlam.com

9-Month Baby Update & Favorites | BondGirlGlam.com


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    Happy 9 months! We are just a couple of weeks behind. Blows my mind that I’m starting to think abut his 1st Birthday party. She’s so gorgeous and it sounds like she’s doing awesome on her milestones. I can’t wait to take Joaquín in the bath with me for the 1st time. We’re almost there!

    • Reply September 26, 2015

      Irina Bond

      Thank you, Andi! Can’t believe our babies are getting so big! xo

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