5 Tips for Dressing Confidently Post-Baby

When I first got pregnant, I felt like I had to relearn how to dress and sort through what worked for my new growing shape within my existing wardrobe, then add what I needed to make it all work together for my bump. And then post-baby, I felt like I had to do it all over again for an entirely new shape!

I’m sure lots of women feel lost with all the changes happening in their bodies throughout pregnancy and beyond, so I figured it’d be helpful to share some pointers that eventually helped me feel a little more like my old self.



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5 Tips for Dressing Confidently Post-Baby | BondGirlGlam.com


1. Figure out what styles work best for your shape

Consciously purchase and wear more of your most flattering silhouettes.

For my hourglass shape, midi dresses are usually winners as well as looser tops with skinny-fit bottoms when I feel a little bloated. Knowing my best silhouettes empowers me and helps narrow down my fashion choices in a world of so much choice, which in turn makes the process of getting dressed easier.

I also like to wear body-skimming clothing postpartum – not too tight but not too loose. You don’t want to hide your beautiful shape but you also don’t want to highlight possible “problem areas” that make you uncomfortable. For example, bodycon dresses with ruching were great during pregnancy, but right now I steer away from them for the most part. Later on, I’ll start wearing them again.

Tailored pieces with some kind of structure to them also tend to do best for my shape. I wish I could pull off more athleisure looks outside of the house, but the reality is that style just doesn’t flatter my shape as well as others. It feels great on, but I feel prettier in something a little dressier (like these dresses by Shoshanna), so I stick with what works for me.



5 Tips for Dressing Confidently Post-Baby | BondGirlGlam.com


2. Choose undergarments that make you feel good and support you beautifully

I cannot stress this enough as a large-chested woman. A poorly-fitting bra and/or underwear can ruin any outfit. I prefer wired (nursing) bras that keeps the girls contained and underwear that doesn’t show under clothing and also doesn’t need constant readjustment.

I also find it important to make sure my bra and underwear are matching, just to feel good for myself. That little detail just helps me feel a little more “on” for the day.


5 Tips for Dressing Confidently Post-Baby | BondGirlGlam.com


3. Show off your best features

I like to highlight the smallest part of my waist with dresses like the one I’m wearing here.

I also like to wear at least a little bit of makeup to highlight my eyes and/or lips. Something about doing my makeup and brushing my hair and adding a bit of dry shampoo just instantly boosts my mood, no matter the day.


5 Tips for Dressing Confidently Post-Baby | BondGirlGlam.com



4. Come to terms with your current size

Size is just a number, and it’s ok to be happy with yourself today instead of waiting for the future version of yourself to become a reality. Your worth has nothing to do with the number printed on your clothing tags. Why waste time wallowing in self-pity when you can enjoy the journey towards your goals as well? Buy yourself the jeans you need in the size that fits you today instead of staring at a stack of too-small jeans in your closet, waiting until you can fit those again.


5 Tips for Dressing Confidently Post-Baby | BondGirlGlam.com


5. Give your body grace and be patient with it

Confidence isn’t just how you look on the outside. It definitely starts on the inside, so a growing appreciation for the miracle of childbirth helps you love the body you have now! It’s ok to not be “perfect,” especially in a world of Instagram highlight reels. I’m a size or two bigger than I’d like to be, but once I stop breastfeeding I will focus more on losing the last pounds my body is holding onto. In the meantime, I try to love myself for who I am and what I look like right now, and so should you! 🙂


5 Tips for Dressing Confidently Post-Baby | BondGirlGlam.com





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