#OOTD // The Perfect Fit & Flare Office Dress

#OOTD // The Perfect Fit & Flare Office Dress | BondGirlGlam.com

Ladies, I’ve found a stunning new dress line at Nordstrom called Harper Rose! It’s a brand related to Eliza J, which also makes some of the most beautiful dresses, jumpsuits, tops and skirts. This raspberry pink fit & flare style dress is a part of the current collection and also comes in a classic black color for those who prefer neutrals. And the front asymmetrical skirt is so unique and fun!


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#OOTD // The Perfect Fit & Flare Office Dress | BondGirlGlam.com

The high neckline on this dress is something I appreciate as a customer-facing employee – I just personally feel more comfortable at work when my chest is covered. Not that I don’t wear v-necklines or scoop necks, but I feel my best at work with a higher neckline since I deal face-to-face with customers in a professional environment.

That’s not to say this dress can’t be worn outside the office; it’s perfect for brunches, church, weddings, and date nights. The back goes down a little in a v-shape, but I usually have that covered up with a blazer; it’s a really cute and flirty detail. Speaking of blazers, this is my most worn blazer for work; I wear it multiple times a week!

#OOTD // The Perfect Fit & Flare Office Dress | BondGirlGlam.com
#OOTD // The Perfect Fit & Flare Office Dress | BondGirlGlam.com

I also wanted to share my latest “hack” for making my Louis Vuitton Alma MM bag a little more functional. This structured classic bag is very dressy on its own and could only be carried by the handle before, so I’ve always wanted the option to wear it crossbody. I considered the Louis Vuitton shoulder strap for it, but I didn’t feel like paying hundreds for it. I found this beautiful gold bag chain on Amazon for under $10 instead, and I’ve fallen in love with my bag all over again! It comes in gold, silver, and a gunmetal color.

My dad gave me this bag for my birthday 10 years ago, and I’ve recently dusted it off and started wearing it again because of the new crossbody strap. I am very lucky to have such a luxurious bag; after all, they’re not cheap. Many of my friends have been envious of the bag, but I have told them that they can find fake Louis Vuitton bag reviews to find a realistic and quality version on a budget! Honestly, some of the fake designer bags are just as good in appearance as my real one. I have no idea why I tucked this bag away for so long. I’m so glad to break it back out again. I’m 5’8″ and this strap works pretty well on me; I also like the added interest it gives to the bag when it’s just hanging. This is one of my first designer handbags ever, so it’s really sentimental to me! If you’re wanting to purchase your first ever designer handbag, you might want to have a look at Maria Dipalo’s designer bags shopping guide for some inspiration and some advice considering it could be finance destroying.

#OOTD // The Perfect Fit & Flare Office Dress | BondGirlGlam.com

Hope you enjoyed the dress and my top handle designer handbag trick!


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