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10 Glam iPhone 6 Cases |

When looking at the History of the iPhone, it’s amazing to think how quickly new technology and new models have been developed. We’ve gone from the first iPhone having barely any storage and a terrible camera to the iCloud and HD photos! The majority of the population now own a smartphone so having it as a fashion accessory has become the norm. When it comes to your technology, it can be just as much a fashion accessory that works with your overall look as your jewelry or handbag. I just recently upgraded to the iPhone 6, so iPhone cases are on my mind. Since the 6 is somewhat newer to the market, I’m not seeing as many options in stores and online, but I was still able to come up with 10 cases that are Bond Girl Glam-worthy.
Christmas is coming up too, so I know lots of us are thinking of giving tech accessories, so be sure to bookmark this post!
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1 Sonix ‘Gold Lace’ Clear iPhone 6 Case // 2 Zero Gravity Reptilia iPhone 6 Case // 3 Sonix ‘Royal Python’ iPhone 6 Case // 4 Zero Gravity Floral Lolita IPhone 6 Case // 5 CaseMate Black Crystal iPhone 6 Case // 6 Kate Spade Gold Polka Dot iPhone 6 Case // 7 Zero Gravity Dripped Paint IPhone 6 Case // 8 Sonix ‘Calico’ Leopard Print iPhone 6 Case // 9 Kate Spade Faux Leather Wrap Cobalt iPhone 6 Case // 10 Adopted Gold Python iPhone 6 Case




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