My Current Favorite Self-Improvement Books

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I’m always on a lifelong journey to self-improvement, and that’s ok.  By no means am I perfect, but I strive towards inner peace no matter what is happening around me.  As a new mom, things change fast and you realize what you need to prioritize.  Honestly, becoming a mom has made me a better person; I like myself way more than before and can’t wait to meet the new me as time progresses.

Since having a baby, I’ve found a few books to be incredibly useful in helping me better manage my overly perfectionist ways, and I still continue to work on changing myself for the better on a daily basis.  I feel compelled to share them with you, even though it’s not my typical kind of post.  As my little blog has grown, I’ve started to feel a huge responsibility as someone people might actually look up to (which I can hardly understand why) and to feel compelled to use my platform to help people however I can.  I promise you, something will improve in your life if you listen to these audiobooks on your phone with headphones as you wash dishes while baby naps (my current situation right before this post, haha).  Of course, not everything will be or should be agreeable with you (think for yourself — that is your power), but just keep yourself open and humble and take away what you can use today.  It’s all small stuff.  Much love.


My Current Favorite Self-Improvement Audiobooks


Please let me know if you end up listening to any of these books and your thoughts below.  I love reading your comments!

If you prefer reading physical books, they’re available here:

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  • Reply August 20, 2015


    Listened to the book on tidying up! Absolutely planning to use it as I pack and move into a new house!

    • Reply August 20, 2015

      Irina Bond

      So good, huh?! I’m using the practices right now with my closet actually!

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