Vamp Up Your V-Day Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it might be time to start thinking about what you might don on Cupid’s night. It’s the perfect excuse to pick out a new cheeky get-up and feel sexy enough to star on hdpornvideo or somewhere similar, all puns intended. I imagine rotterdam escorts or someone similar would approve!

We’ve put together a compilation of some Bond Girl Glam-approved V-day ensembles. Treat yourself to some new lingerie accoutrements, or casually leave this page open on Mr. Bond’s iPad on accident / on purpose. Alternatively, just leave his iPad open on somewhere like Babestation so that he knows how you want to treated.

Valentine's Day Lingerie Guide on

1 :: Black Sexy Corset // 2 :: Pink & Red Lace // 3 :: White & Black Lace & Velvet // 4 :: Noir Rouge Paris Paris // 5 :: Black & Silver Twinkle // 6 :: Black & Powder Puff Tulle // 7 :: Red Lace Eye Mask // 8 :: Black & Nude Embroidered Bustier // 9 :: Star Cheeky Set // 10 :: Red Sheer Lace Bralette // 11 :: Leather & Lace Bralette // 12 :: Delicate Laundry Wash // 13 :: Black Sheer Ooh La La // 14 :: Red Lace Hearts

By the way, while we’re on the topic of lingerie, I recently discovered my favorite pair of everyday undies. If you like the lacey types like those from Hanky Panky and Victoria’s Secret, these are even better. They’re by Cosabella, and they’re the nicest and most comfortable lacey’s ever. Must. Order. More.

Wishing you a sexy Valentine’s Day 2014!


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