Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo

As a stroller-obsessed mama, I wanted to share my experiences with the three higher-end stroller brands that I’ve used and still use with my first baby: Stokke, Quinny, and most recently Mutsy.

I’ve seriously had a stroller obsession since before I ever became a mom and am always keeping my eye out for new releases.  Tell me I’m not alone?!

I’ve used the Stokke Xplory the longest (bought that one when I was pregnant the first time around), and then I was lucky enough to have the Quinny Moodd sent to me for review and most recently the Mutsy Igo.  As always, I’ll tell you anything I think is important, good or bad; how I get the item has no effect on my opinion and I only accept items for review if I would pay for them anyway.

Although I switch it around sometimes, right now I keep the Stokke Xplory in my car trunk, the Mutsy Igo in Mr. Bond’s car trunk (that’s his favorite of the bunch), and the Quinny Moodd x Rachel Zoe by my front door for walks to the park or shopping plazas near our high-rise apartment building.  My parents also have another Quinny Moodd at their home and use it for walks around the neighborhood and occasionally take it with them if they drive somewhere with Vienna.  We don’t have a garage, but it all works out and actually makes things a lot easier than having one stroller, I do have to say.

As you can see, I’m now expecting a second child and my toddler girl will be 2.5 years old when my baby boy is born.  I’m still not sure I’ll be getting a double stroller, but I’d love it if you shared your high-end double stroller faves in the comments below!  I know a lot of BGG readers are going through similar milestones as me and want good suggestions too.  Finding a beautiful and functional double stroller can be a doozy!

{ our ukrainian princess doll on her 2nd birthday walk today // all outfit & stroller details: #liketkit #ltkbaby }

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Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |

Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |

Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |

Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |

Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |

Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |

Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |

Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |

Single Stroller Comparison // Stokke Xplory vs. Quinny Moodd vs. Mutsy Igo |



Stokke Xplory – Black Melange

Quinny Moodd – Rachel Zoe Edition

Mutsy Igo – Reflect Cosmic Black





Stroller Weight

27 lbs

30 lbs

29 lbs

Max. Child Weight

45 lbs

50 lbs

45 lbs

Cup Holder

For purchase, $24

For purchase, black $19.50 or white $23.95

For purchase, $15

Car Seat Adapter

For purchase, Maxi-Cosi / Nuna or Peg Perego or Graco $60

Included for Maxi-Cosi

For purchase, Maxi-Cosi $35 or Graco $55

Sibling Rider Board

For purchase, $119.99

None available

For purchase, $89


No need to refill air

Needs occasional air refills

No need to refill air


Excellent sun protection, additional parasol available for purchase $49.99

Medium sun protection, wish it were a little larger

Medium sun protection, wish it were a little larger, additional parasol available for purchase $39

Single Piece When Folded

No, needs to be taken apart into 2 pieces

No, needs to be taken apart into 2 pieces

Yes, can fold with the seat attached


For purchase, $240

Special edition Rachel Zoe bassinet doesn’t exist, but regular editions do – for purchase, $199

For purchase, $290



Stokke Xplory // Black Melange

I had my heart set on the Xplory years before I got pregnant, and I’ve definitely received my fair share of comments/compliments on it.  I love the height, the futuristic design, the fabric selections (I went with black melange since it’s a beautiful grey and practical in terms of dirt showing as well), and the carry cot to toddler seat options.  This is definitely a “wow” stroller in terms of design but also does everything I want it to do.

There’s no storage basket on the bottom, but I am somewhat of a minimalist mama anyway.  It comes with a “shopping bag” where most strollers would have an open basket, and I actually really like that other people can’t see what’s in the bag/basket.  I keep essentials in there such as diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and shelf-stable snacks, helping me avoid the need for an actual diaper bag.  I’ve also used it as a shopping bag at grocery stores when I just need to grab a few items.  Other times I put a basket on top of it and fill it up strategically so it doesn’t tip over, haha.

The seat can be forward or rear-facing, but when it’s forward-facing, which is what Vienna prefers these days, you can’t recline it if your child falls asleep because of the chassis design.  Not a biggie, but something to note.

Be sure to get the cup holder (as with all strollers, it’s just a must-have).  I also use my heart-shaped clip all the time for shopping bags and my car keys.  I want to get the optional rider board (or maybe just go for a double stroller) now that I’m having a second.  The canopy is amazing and has pretty darn good coverage.

Interesting thing about the canopy: when you buy the bassinet (they call it a carry cot) together with the regular seat setup, you use the same canopy for both.  So I set up the canopy on the bassinet in the beginning and then detached it and put it on the seat later on and will have to put it back on the bassinet in a few months when baby boy arrives. 🙂

This is also the only stroller I bought the bassinet for.  I LOVE how bassinets look as well as being able to change the baby right in there instead of in a grimy public restroom.  The regular seat comes with an infant insert (extra padding that makes the seat smaller and more snug for a little baby), so you technically don’t need to buy the bassinet if you don’t want to.  Although some of my other strollers’ specs say they’re suitable from birth, I’d say the Stokke Xplory is the only one that I’m actually comfortable using with an infant in the regular seat.

The Stokke Xplory works with lots of infant car seat brands (with optional adapters for purchase).  I’m planning to get a car seat adapter this time around for convenience.

We have the Pram Pack for traveling, since I’m not about to let someone thrash around my $1100+ stroller.  It’s pretty simple to use, and airlines will let you check it for free.  I also put other things in there like diapers since there’s a bit of space left in the pram pack around the stroller (the airline people didn’t give me any trouble for doing that).

Form meets function for me with this one — it’s not just a pretty face.  Resale value is excellent too.

Btw, I have the V4 but Stokke just came out with the V5, which is slightly different in coloring.  The main thing I noticed is the wheels/rims are a darker color.

  • Suitable from birth to 45 lbs
  • 36 1/2″ x 22 3/4″ x 33 1/2″
  • 26.5 lbs. – chassis with seat or carry cot
  • 18.3 lbs. – chassis alone
  • Includes: frame, seat with textiles: seat padding, rear textile cover, harness protector, seat rail cover, hood with visor, baby pad, shopping bag, mosquito net and rain cover
  • Height- and angle-adjustable handle with ergonomic design and integrated cup holder attachment
  • Water-repellent, phthalate-free PVC rain hood with netted fabric for excellent ventilation
  • Height-adjustable seat brings baby closer to you
  • Soft, padded seat for a comfy ride
  • Five seating positions: three facing parent including active, rest and sleep positions; two forward facing
  • Expandable shopping bag is positioned near ground level to make the stroller even more stable when you use it
  • Two-wheel function for ease of strolling on uneven surfaces or up and down stairs
  • Lockable front swivel wheels make it easier to maneuver in tight spaces and to park the stroller
  • Red brake pedal locks all four wheels with one push
  • Car seat adapters available but not included for Graco Snugride, Maxi Prezi, Chicco KeyFit, Nuna Pipa, PegPerego Primo Viaggio SIP and SIP 30/30, and Maxi Cosi Mico
  • Aluminum/PVC/polyester/rubber
  • Made in the Netherlands



Quinny Moodd // Rachel Zoe Edition

I love the Quinny stroller too!  It’s a little shorter than my Stokke Xplory but still has an extendable bar for taller parents.  It’s kind of set up like a “jogging stroller” with 2 big wheels and a smaller wheel set in the front, although I don’t see them advertise it like an official jogging stroller.  Because of those big wheels, I do tend to use it for outdoor activities, like walking to the park and if I’m planning on going on a dirt trail.

I did an unboxing video with this stroller in this blog post.

The fabric in the special edition Moodd is a little different on the canopy (it has a texture to it instead of a smooth fabric in the regular models) but is still water-repellant.

The leather accents and gold hardware are absolutely beautiful.  I try to be careful with the leather, but so far it’s impressed me with its durability.  About the child handlebar in the front: if your baby is teething you might want to take it off (it’s removable).  With my other Quinny that I have at my parent’s house, Vienna bit into a part of the padding and then picked off a nice chunk of material.

The chassis opens automatically when you release the lever that holds it down when it’s folded (there’s a gas spring along the bottom of the chassis between the big wheels).

The Quinny Moodd has an open basket that holds a decent amount of stuff (not the most out there on the market if that’s super important to you but definitely enough for me).  The special edition basket has a pretty zipper with a leather tassel on the inside to hold your important things like keys.

You can have the seat facing you or the other way, and it also reclines for nap time no matter which direction the seat is facing if your child falls asleep.

The cup holder clips onto the side instead of in the center of the handlebar like the Stokke, which is only slightly annoying because it makes the stroller require a wider clearance by a few inches.  I’ve accidentally spilled coffee on Nordstrom’s carpet because I bumped into a display table and didn’t realize I need a little extra clearance with the cup holder attached.  This was more of an issue in the very beginning, but I’m quite used to it now.

Love the futuristic design of the Moodd as well!  It’s pricey but considerably more affordable than Stokke for the luxury category.  The special edition accents are worth it, IMO.

  • Compatible with Quinny Tukk Carrier, sold separately (adapters included)
  • Compatible with Maxi-Cosi infant car seats, sold separately (adapters included)
  • Unfolds automatically
  • UPF 50+ multiposition sun canopy
  • Adjustable-height pushbar
  • One-hand recline in both forward- and rear-facing positions
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Swivel front wheels
  • Large shopping basket
  • Comfort tires
  • Front and rear wheel suspension
  • Textile/plastic/metal with leather handle and accents
  • Made in China



Mutsy Igo // Reflect Cosmic Black

The Mutsy Igo is Mr. Bond’s favorite stroller from our collection.  It’s funny, because he didn’t need any instruction to figure out how to set it up and put it away right off the bat; he still doesn’t fully remember how to work the Stokke almost 2.5 years later while I can do it in my sleep.  Same thing with my mom.  I, on the other hand, spent some time reading the instruction manual and was frustrated figuring it out the first time, although now I’m a pro with our Mutsy.  Isn’t that funny how our brains work differently?

The Mutsy Igo definitely has the most stable chassis out of our strollers.  I think it’s because of the chassis shape.  It “drives” really smoothly, even over bumps.  With the Stokke you can feel every bump you go over compared to the Mutsy.

The Mutsy Igo also has a pretty nice turn radius; I love that I can maneuver it really well in smaller spaces.  We took it to the zoo recently, which worked out perfectly.

The Mutsy “reflect cosmic black” fabric is nice because it’s also water-resistant.  However, I’m not a fan of the reflective material on the inside of the sunshade from a design standpoint, but I just deal with it (personal preference).  The sunshade has a little peekaboo window, which Vienna loves.

I do love the leather accents on the handlebar, though, which also extends for us taller parents.

The open basket on the bottom is a similar size to the Quinny but a different shape (square-ish vs. triangular).

The footrest can be adjusted so that taller toddlers like her can put their feet on the bottom of the chassis, if that makes sense.  She has outgrown the footrest (same with the Quinny) but still has a place to rest her feet (take a closer look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean).

My favorite feature about the Mutsy Igo is that it folds down into one piece!  My other two strollers don’t do that.

For the money, it’s an awesome buy.  The accessories are a little more affordable than the other two strollers too (except for the bassinet), which is really nice.

  • Suitable from birth to 45 lbs
  • 31 1/2″L x 22 3/4″W x 43 1/4″H unfolded; 27 1/2″L x 22 3/4″W x 15 1/2″H folded
  • Stroller frame weighs 19 lbs.; frame with seat weighs 29 lbs
  • Stroller seat is reversible
  • Back layer of cot canopy can be unzipped and turned inside out to show two reflective triangles
  • Push bar adjusts for taller or shorter parents
  • Extendable canopy
  • Backrest and footrest are adjustable
  • Front-wheel suspension for smooth, stable ride
  • Folds with or without seat and canopy for easy storage
  • Assembly required
  • Aluminum/plastic/nylon/polyester
  • Made in the Netherlands


Hope you enjoyed my comparisons and found them useful!  Let me know what stroller you end up going with.








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