Potty Training Tips, Round Two

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Now that our son is almost 2.5 years old and communicates when he needs a diaper change, we’ve started our potty training journey with him. I feel like it’ll be a little more challenging the second time around since I’m working outside the home now, but we’re still super excited to start potty training! It’s nice having a big sister around to encourage him as well.

This month Walmart is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Parents Choice, their exclusive baby brand. I ordered a box of Parents Choice Training Pants and a box of Parents Choice Fragrance Free Baby Wipes to start potty training based on their awesome reviews. Both items were eligible for NextDay delivery, which is seriously the best thing since sliced bread. I ordered in the late afternoon and received everything the next morning! Best of all, there’s no membership fee and you only need to order $35+ for free shipping.


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The main thing I learned from my first potty training experience was to make it as fun and exciting as possible. Step one is picking out a fun potty. This mini toilet is the cutest potty I’ve ever seen, and it even makes a real flushing sound when you press down on the lever! Step two is picking out fun training pants for your toddler. Paw Patrol is my son’s favorite TV show right now, so these Paw Patrol training pants by Parents Choice are definitely a hit with him. He literally giggles when we put them on him.

Step three is getting your toddler excited about potty training. We do this with cute YouTube videos, treats for a job well done, and major family encouragement. I go into more detail in my first potty training blog post here.

What’s great about disposable training pants versus diapers is that they are meant to slide on and off more like real underwear and have restickable sides instead of stickers.

Step four is graduating to fabric training underwear, which is real underwear with a thicker gusset in case of accidents. Expect to do more laundry for the short term. And lastly, step six is getting used to regular fabric underwear. For the first few months, I like to keep extra underwear, outfits, and shoes with me during outings.

Parents Choice is known for quality products at a great value, and I’m happy to have made the switch to their diaper products (hopefully not for too long, though, haha). Not much else can beat a big heavy box of diapers and wipes coming straight to my door, and at a great price too.

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