My Mother’s Watch

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to write a short piece for Little Details Magazine, a digital + print lifestyle magazine that celebrates the everyday details of our lives.  I chose to write about the gold watch I inherited from Ukraine.  Funny enough, I’m wearing it today as I’m typing this up, just purely coincidentally.

Here’s a little excerpt:

As an immigrant from a Eastern European country, there were very few belongings that could fit in the suitcases my family brought over to America.  A samovar, my parents’ wedding day china, and a wooden eagle sculpture my father had hand-carved made the cut.

My mother’s gold watch also made the 6,134-mile trip, and now 23 years later, I proudly wear it.  It doesn’t even tick anymore, but that doesn’t matter to me; the timepiece tells the story of a huge life change my parents made and how far my family has come as a result of their courage.

See the full guest post here.

I also did a full #OOTD post of the outfit I wore in the photo above.


If your family immigrated to another country, I’d love to hear what items you cherish from the journey below!




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