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I’ve always been attracted to hair care formulated specifically for brunettes, so today I’m sharing two different lines that have worked well for my own brown locks.  On the positive side, they’re also all affordable drugstore products that I’ve repurchased time and time again.  Be sure to share with your brunette girlfriends and follow BGG on Bloglovin’!


Hair Care for Brunettes |

Of all hair colors, brown hues are the richest in pigmentation.  Brown hair tends to reveal its special appeal to us on second look; it’s an understated elegance.


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Batiste makes a variety of dry shampoos, but the one for dark hair has been a recent go-to for me.

The Batiste dry shampoo for dark hair doesn’t leave that white or grey cast brunettes often suffer from with most dry shampoos.

One tip though:  I like to wash my hair before I go to bed after using the Batiste just in case some of the slight color transfers onto my white sheets.


Hair Care for Brunettes |


John Frieda has some of the classiest, most beautiful packaging in the drugstore hair care aisle (at least in my opinion).  That was honestly the first thing that attracted me to the brand.  In my beauty closet at all times you’ll find a set of the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner in the Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturizing version (say that 5 times fast).

The Brilliant Brunette line smells ah-mazing and never fails to give me a good hair day.  I rotate it in with my higher-end shampoos.

I’ve also tried the Liquid Shine Illuminating version of the shampoo and conditioner, which I like as well but slightly prefer the Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturizing version.  The latter of the two has a creamier consistency, and the former is a clear shampoo.


Hair Care for Brunettes |

Hair Care for Brunettes |

By the way, I’ve been loving these super soft pants here from Target.  They feel like pajama pants but look like fashion.

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    Abby said:

    I couldn’t agree more. It is important to consider natural hair colour and texture before investing in hair care products to ensure maximum result, whether you are trying to maintain beautiful hair or fixing a condition. This ensures that your money and time does not go down the drain.

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