Glam White Velvet & Fur Master Bedroom

Glam White Velvet & Fur Master Bedroom |

Today I’m starting a fresh home decor series from our new home! We moved in about a month ago, and I finally feel like we have most of our house unpacked. We’re super happy with our new home, and it’s finally coming together as we wanted it. It was a long process but we got there in the end, from AAOA tenant screenings to contacting various moving companies, we finally made it! As expected, we have come across a few little problems that will need to be resolved at some point. The ceiling fan, for example, has been left in horrendous condition by the previous owners, to the point where it doesn’t even work anymore. Although, this could be because of the electrics, so my friend told me to get in touch with a professional company like SALT Light & Electric ( to see if they can correct the problem. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to get it functioning again, as they worked wonders on her issues. All in all, the move and unpacking process has been relatively straightforward. Phew!

There are still a few things we need to do to the exterior of the house, so we’re looking forward to completing all of that. I’m not sure we’re going to need new windows just yet, but we have places like Renewal by Andersen windows and doors already bookmarked should we need to in the future. Mostly, it’s just little touches here and there exterior-wise that need doing. My husband wants to find some residential flagpoles for sale to hang up an American flag in the front yard, so that’s something that we still need to do. Anyway, inside the house, things are starting to come together nicely. We re-used most of the pieces in our last apartment for our master bedroom.

My white velvet tufted bed with nailhead always gets lots of questions. We ordered it online probably 4 years ago, and the setup was not too bad for my husband and I doing it together. These days you can get the exact one hundreds cheaper than what we paid at Amazon, Hayneedle and Joss & Main. It’s a full bed frame, not just a headboard.

My matching mirrored side tables were lucky finds at HomeGoods a very long time ago, but I do see them there occasionally. If you want to avoid the hassle of trying to find matching ones that aren’t damaged, I’ve found a few places you can order online.

Lastly, the main reason I wanted to post this today was to let you know that most of my bedding is on sale today and for the next few days. My white duvet cover is an organic cotton metalase that I absolutely love; it doesn’t show wrinkles as easily as my other white duvet cover. It’s a quilted type of material on top with seashell buttons. The buttons do break in the wash over time, so I’ve actually sewn on my own plastic ones before which solved the problem. I would still repurchase this duvet cover in a heartbeat despite the button issue.

My velvet throw pillow covers are also part of the sale as well as this mongolian fur pillow cover. The mongolian fur is the super versatile for literally anywhere in the house, and the velvet color I have is stone, although it does appear a bit blush in my photos due to my filter. For the price, the quality is fantastic.

The flowers in the corner are from Venus et Fleur and are real roses that are over a year old! It’s one of my favorite floral arrangements we have in the house, and I love how long they last with proper care (keep them out of sunlight).

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Glam White Velvet & Fur Master Bedroom |

Glam White Velvet & Fur Master Bedroom |

Glam White Velvet & Fur Master Bedroom |

Glam White Velvet & Fur Master Bedroom |

Happy decorating!