Family #OOTD // Vienna as a Flower Girl

This past weekend my childhood friend got married, and we were so honored that she asked Vienna to be one of her flower girls. I was super excited to dress my daughter in a white poofy dress and watch her go down the aisle.

I ordered Vienna’s dress off of Amazon in a 2T, and I was incredibly happy with the quality for the price point, as flower girl dresses can be in the hundreds of dollars. It has a nice poof to it; she looked like a giant white flower walking around. Of course, she got food all over it as soon as we got to the reception hall, so a $30 special event dress for a toddler was really smart. I highly recommend this affordable flower girl dress for a warm-weather wedding. Add a little white sweater on top and tights, and it should work for cooler temp weddings too.

As you may have seen on my Snapchat and Instagram Story (gosh, still can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do between the two), they had the ringbearer pull a decked-out wagon with both flower girls sitting in mounds of tulle. So dang precious! It’s going to look so great in the professional photographs. Well, all of the photographs are going to look amazing. I can’t wait to see them. It really is the perfect idea for the littlest of flower girls.

My mom bought her these pinky-white glittery flats a week before, and they went perfectly with the dress. Of course I had her wear the biggest flower headband in her collection, hehe. It’s a pinky-cream color too (the ivory one), so I thought it worked perfectly.

I wore my rose gold sequin Adrianna Papell gown (from last year’s blog post). It’s definitely a showstopper (a young girl who follows me on Instagram told me I look like a celebrity, hehe), but those sequins really did a number on the inside of my arms. As you can imagine, when you move around you inevitably scratch yourself. If I wear another sequin dress in the future, it’d be nice if it had long sleeves.

My dress had a low back, so I wore this stick-on bra underneath. I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It was sticky but I wish it was stickier. The shape wasn’t ideal for my taste, and it didn’t lift quite high enough. I spent too much time trying to find a sticker bra option for my DDD’s, so my hopes weren’t that high to begin with. I even considered Kim K’s gaffer tape trick where she makes a bra entirely out of photo studio tape for her low-cut outfits, but my dress didn’t have any straps to hide the support tape that is supposed to hold everything up over your shoulders. If you have a big boob solution for low-back, strapless dresses, please help us all out and share in the comments below!

Mr. Bond wore his trusty Club Monaco dress shirt and slim-fit Zara dress pants. He refused suspenders and a bow-tie, as per usual, but this time I let it slide, haha.

I had an awesome time (besides chasing after a toddler whose mission was to get to the sweets table every few minutes). So many girls came up to me and told me they follow along on Instagram. I didn’t expect that at a relatively small wedding! It’s always so satisfying to meet real people and put a face to a username. Makes me feel like there’s a purpose to all this.

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bride and groom, walking down the aisle

Family #OOTD // Vienna as a Flower Girl |

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flower girl, wedding guest, daddy and daughter

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flower girl, wedding guest, mommy and daughter, rose gold sequin gown

bride and groom, wedding reception

flower girl, wedding guest, daddy and daughter

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flower girl, wedding guests, family, rose gold sequin gown



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