Vienna is Starting TK!

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This coming week is really big for our family. Our daughter, Vienna, is starting elementary school! I can’t believe I’m typing this, to be honest. I feel like she was literally just born the other day, and now she’s starting big girl school.

Vienna will be in transitional kindergarten (TK), which is kind of like a bridge between preschool and kindergarten that some of the schools in our district offer. It’s not a full day, only three hours a day for five days a week, but it’ll be a welcome change for my little social butterfly who currently stays home with daddy and brother.

I honestly didn’t even know she was starting TK until a few weeks ago when I got a call that she made it from the waitlist. She’s a spunky four and half year old who I know will thrive in her new school. It’s just all been a whirlwind for me emotionally since I wasn’t expecting it.


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With starting school comes a supply list, and we got everything we needed from Walmart. Her teachers requested these twistable crayons, which I thought were genius since my kids tend to accidentally break regular crayons in half. We also got her a fresh box of washable markers, folders, glue sticks, and even erasable colored pencils. There are so many new school supplies out there since I went to kindergarten, haha. They even had us get her a set of headphones to probably use on the iPads and Chromebooks that the TK program has in our district.

Anyway, I’m both excited and nervous for her first day tomorrow. I clearly remember I cried when my parents left me for my first day of kindergarten; I hope she goes in confidently tomorrow morning!

I’m also planning a back-to-school outfit blog post here in the next few days as well, so keep a look out for that if you have school-age children. In it I’ll also be sharing a back-to-school interview I did with Vienna, which is pretty cute if I say so myself.

Check out Walmart for their back-to-school landing page organized by grade!

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  1. 8.26.19
    Nicole said:

    love this so much! so excited for her ❤️

    • 8.27.19

      Thank you, Auntie! She didn’t even cry. But I got pretty emotional, haha. I’m excited for your new adventures as well!

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