11 Pregnancy Must-Haves

11 Pregnancy Must-Haves | BondGirlGlam.com

Since I’m just about to enter my third trimester, I wanted to share my pregnancy must-haves from maternity wardrobe basics to things you can eat and drink.   I own and have used all of the items on this list, so you can rest assured they’re tried and true by me.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my 10 Pregnancy Beauty Must-Haves post for my favorite pregnancy beauty items.

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1.  Maternity/Nursing Lingerie

You’re most likely going to grow a cup size or two during pregnancy, especially at the end.  I immediately noticed that my pre-pregnancy bras were getting a bit tight and spilling over, so I picked up larger size bras in both nude and black from Victoria’s Secret during one of their big yearly sales.  Keeping ‘the girls’ comfortable is so important when you’re pregnant, because you already have so many other things causing you new discomfort.

If you are planning to breastfeed, you also want to start thinking about nursing bras towards the end of pregnancy.  I was sent a very cute set from You! Lingerie with lace details; it has full molded cups that are non-underwire and the lace doesn’t show up under t-shirts (see the photo collage above).  The cup lining, nursing clips, and decorative bows are their signature pink.  Besides being pretty sexy, You! Lingerie nursing bras are affordable too ($38 for this Flirty You! Bra).

11 Pregnancy Must-Haves | BondGirlGlam.com

2.  Maternity Jeans

If you wore jeans pre-pregnancy, this is probably the single-most important maternity wardrobe basic.  A good pair of maternity jeans will not only make you feel good during your whole pregnancy but will also probably last you a little into postpartum as your uterus is still contracting down to size.  My favorites have been from Paige Denim, 7 For All Mankind, and AG Jeans.

3.  Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow

It’s recommended to sleep on your left side during pregnancy, and I’ve always been a belly sleeper, so it was hard to stay in position throughout the night.  Lots of individual pillows would be involved, and they’d always just end up on the floor.  Bump Nest came to my rescue with their amazingly soft and comfy pillow; when I first unboxed it and put it on our bed, I spent a good amount of time snuggled up with a huge smile across my face.  I love that their pregnancy pillows come with beautiful cover designs and are completely washable (the inside too).  I went with the Stone Scallop design to match with my bedroom (and living room, haha) décor.

4.  Pregnancy Tea

I’ve always loved a nice cup of tea at the end of the day, so when I first found out I was pregnant, I was pretty excited to be able to try a pregnancy herbal tea.  Honestly, I’ve been drinking lots of different teas (and ordering iced unsweetened green teas at Starbucks), but this one has raspberry and nettle leaf, which apparently help prepare/tone the uterus for delivery.  Sometimes I think drinking tea helps me with the nausea too.

5.  Slippers

I have a pair of Ugg house slippers, which are cozy for wintertime with the shearling lining, but I wanted to find an inexpensive pair that looked more feminine and could easily be washed.  I plan on bringing my satin ballet house slippers to the hospital and then immediately throwing them in the wash with some bleach afterwards.  In the meantime, I wear them around the house and they feel lovely!  Treat your swollen, sore feet, if you don’t already have a good pair.

6.  Ginger Chews

Everyone knows ginger helps relieve nausea.  If you like the spiciness of ginger, try these ginger chew candies.  You can also add one to your tea!

Speaking of ginger, I love ginger ale and discovered my favorite one ever at the beginning of pregnancy when I wanted something fancy to drink at dinner parties.  Q Ginger not only comes in a gorgeous bottle (that I’ve totally brought over to people’s homes as a dinner guest), but it has a real ginger taste to it.  I’ve seen it at Pavilions and Whole Foods.

7.  New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins

When I first got pregnant, I had no idea which prenatal vitamins to turn to, so I asked a lot of girlfriends and the general consensus was the New Chapter Perfect Prenatals.  I usually order the 192 count bottle from Amazon, and it lasts me a good couple months.  It’s also significantly more affordable that way too.  It’s a whole food multivitamin that’s easy to digest with some herbal ingredients that help with nausea.  Mr. Bond takes their Every Man’s One Daily Multivitamin too.

8.  Nursing Pajamas

Again, if you’re planning on breastfeeding, you can get yourself some nursing pajamas now such as the super soft chemise from Belabumbum.  They work with a bump and beyond and even offer cute mom and baby matching sets.  I’m planning to bring mine to the hospital with me.

9.  Luxurious Robe

I’ve had the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe in cream for a few years now, but it’s become one of my best friends during pregnancy.  Whenever I’m not feeling so great, I put it on, and it feels like a great big hug of cozy fabric.  I think it’s a must-have beyond pregnancy too, and I plan on bringing it with me to the hospital.

10.  Maternity Leggings

You may be able to fit into pre-pregnancy leggings, but I personally love these maternity leggings that go over the bump.  I feel extra secure in them, and I actually find them very useful for my walks paired with a t-shirt or tank.  My Lululemon yoga pants feel too tight at the moment, and I’m honestly not the biggest exerciser right now besides walks and occasional yoga and swimming (I know, I need to step it up), but for casual walks, maternity leggings have been my favorite.  Once the weather cools down here in southern California, I’m going to be wearing leggings with sweaters and long tops.


 11.  Support Tank

This support tank from BLANQI has been so comfortable as a layering piece.  It has built-in bump support; the lines you see in the product photo aren’t really visible in real life.  It’s extra long, so it works under jeans and leggings nicely, and it’s the only white basic maternity tank I need.

See the #BumpStyle post with this tank and the Paige jeans above here.

I didn’t include any particular book on this list, but I do enjoy my pregnancy iPhone apps. Both Mr. Bond and I enjoy checking the Baby Center app to learn about our baby girl’s growth.

What are or what were some of your pregnancy favorites?




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    I wish i would have came across your blog sooner. I am pregant for the second time and i really liked this segment. I will def be following you on instragam (maricelda4).

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    What diaper bag are you using?

    • Reply August 25, 2016

      Irina Bond

      Right now, Ju-Ju-Be BFF, but I have a few more I sometimes use as well. That would make for a good post!

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    Ways to wear // Highwaist Postpartum Support leggings - BLANQI Musings | High-Performance Supportwear

    […] loved wearing BLANQI during my pregnancy (see here and here), and I specifically remember their maternity support tanks making me feel so much better as my […]

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