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I’m so excited to finally launch my signature Lightroom preset for sale on my blog!  I love this vintage film vibe that is also naturally forgiving to skin tones and textures.  I created it to save myself time and give my Instagram feed and blog a signature aesthetic and have been using it on all my photos for years.

Lightroom is the software I use to edit all my photos, which in my opinion is the best editing software for both my professional photos as well as iPhone shots.  A preset is a set of actions (or steps) that are applied all at once with a click of a button, instead of doing the same multiple steps over and over to every photo you edit.  Presets save time, and they instantly give you the look of my photo editing style.  They’re essentially highly-customizable photo filters.

You can use my preset both on the desktop version of Lightroom as well as on your phone within the Lightroom app.  I prefer the computer for the big screen so I can see all the controls at once, but the phone app can do pretty much the same thing as the computer software and is so handy for on-the-go photo sharing.  The Lightroom CC mobile app is also FREE for Android and iOS!

Both versions of my preset require a little customization for every photo since lighting, tones, and exposure will always be a bit different, but it offers a great starting point to stepping up your photo editing skills and providing a cohesive feel to your blog and/or Instagram.

You have two options.

  1. For Irina’s Lightroom Preset for Desktop, you’ll need the Lightroom software, which is $9.99 per month.  This option makes sense for photo professionals and bloggers who work with a ton of photos throughout the month.  It also syncs automatically with your phone app for easy social sharing on-the-go, so this download is essentially the Desktop + Mobile all-in-one.
  2. The other option is to download the Lightroom CC mobile app for FREE (available on both Android and iOS) and use it with Irina’s Lightroom Preset for Mobile.  I find that the free phone app has more than enough functionality with my preset!  This is the ideal option for someone who takes mainly iPhone photos.

IMPORTANT:  I highly recommend purchasing the preset on a computer.  You’ll be directed to download the file in the next page after purchasing.  Once downloaded, you’ll need to unzip the file.  Inside the folder will be the actual preset file plus the instructions file.  Please save this file somewhere safe, preferably backing it up on an external hard drive and/or USB flash drive.  You might not be able to go back and re-download.

If you absolutely must download on an iPhone, please install an unzipping app such as unzip tool(zip/rar/un7z) or WinZip from the iOS store first.  Save the .zip file to your Files app (iCloud Drive) or Dropbox app and then unzip using your extraction app of choice.  I do still recommend purchasing my preset on a computer to ensure no hiccups.  This is because the instruction manual for mobile is written for computer download, followed by mobile installation.  Also, you may have to pay to upgrade the unzip app to have this method work on an iPhone.

Both the desktop and mobile versions of my preset come with instructions on how to install them.  Purchase either of my presets on a computer, unzip the file, and a folder will show up wherever your downloads go.  Inside that folder will be either the mobile or desktop preset plus installation instructions.  Please email me or DM me if you need additional help.

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All sales are final due to the digital nature of this product.