What’s In My Diaper Bag

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Since a lot of you really liked my post on what to pack for the hospital, I thought it’d be fun to share what I typically have in my diaper bag now as a mom of a 1-year-old.

I wish I had somehow taken photos of how my packing has changed as Vienna has grown since it’s changed a bit over time, but oh well.  I still think this will be helpful to those curious to see what other moms take with them on-the-go.

I’m teaming up today with my long-time sponsor and baby brand love, Mustela.  I’ve been using their diaper cream exclusively (not much, though, thankfully) and now started taking their wipes with me everywhere.

The new 1-2-3 diaper cream formula is enhanced to prevent, relieve, and recover signs of diaper rash during each diaper change.  I put it on at first sign of redness, and by the next change, everything is always gone.

I’m loving how the Mustela wipes close securely and stay moist!  The thing about other wipes that have a sticker closure is that it sometimes falls off, and that’s super annoying, but there’s none of that with the Mustela baby wipes.  Plus, there’s no alcohol in them, they never rip, and they’re nice and soft, perfect for anything from cute little bums to sticky little fingers to yummy little mouths.  I’ve even taken my makeup off with them in a pinch.  They come in a lightly-fragranced sort as well as fragrance-free.

These days I get to carry my own purse (usually a crossbody so I can be hands-free since Vienna is like a toddler version of a marathon sprinter), and my diaper bag usually stays in my car.  The most essential things (2-3 diapers, wipes, and snacks) make their way into my personal bag or the stroller bag/basket if I just need to run a quick errand.


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What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com

What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com


My recipe for a nicely-packed diaper bag for a 1-year-old:

  1. 5-6 Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Diaper cream
  4. Snacks (pouches, dry goods, and homemade food)
  5. Bib
  6. Blanket
  7. Extra outfit (pants and top or dress/romper)
  8. Sweater
  9. Pajamas
  10. Hat/headband (depending on the weather)
  11. Extra shoes
  12. Extra socks
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Book/toy (alternating based on age and interest)


What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com

What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com

What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com

What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com

What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com

What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com


In addition to my traditional diaper bag, I have a backup diaper bag situation in the form of my stroller bag that I keep attached to the base.  In it I have:

  1. 5-6 more diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Emergency mom snacks (bars)
  5. Emergency baby snacks (pouches that don’t need to be refrigerated)
  6. Water bottle
  7. Chalk/bubbles/sand toys

That way, between my personal bag, diaper bag, and stroller bag, I’m never without the essentials, even if I’m tired or feeling a little lazy or just plain forgot something.  There’s a good chance I have it somewhere.


What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com


And since we’re on the topic of bags, I just wanted to share this framer below… Vienna is all girl — always putting on my shoes, carrying and going through my purses, gravitating towards the most colorful things in my closet.  Mr. Bond and I often tell each other how blessed we are to have her.  I feel like she’s my mini best friend.


What's In My Diaper Bag | BondGirlGlam.com




Do you pack your diaper bag any differently?  Please share!




Brought to you by Mustela


  • andiperullo@aol.com'
    Reply April 12, 2016


    She’s such a big girl now! Love the LV!!!

    • Reply April 12, 2016

      Irina Bond

      Thanks, Andi! I know, it’s crazy to say she’ll be a year and a half soon. xo

  • trangscorner@gmail.com'
    Reply April 12, 2016

    Trang Do

    Great picks! Love your outfit dear!
    Love from http://www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • caitlinsbeautycloset@gmail.com'
    Reply April 19, 2016


    Love these types of posts Irina! I feel like packing a diaper bag is always a struggle between keeping it to essentials, or making sure you have absolutely every just-in-case item! Looks like you found the perfect in-between!

  • brooke.louise.walker@gmail.com'

    Great post! I have also ordered the Stokke Xplory as our stroller and I was wondering what bag hook you have used to secure your LV to it? Sorry if you have been through this in a previous post. Many thanks! Brooke xx

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